About us

We are three London mums - Amanda (Coplans), Gill (Newton) and Lillan (Osterberg) - who know exactly what it's like to go through 'head lice hell'.

There is no corporation behind us, no call centre, no advertising agency. We started and still run our company with a single mission in mind:
We will do everything we possibly can to help our customers and their families 'beat the bugs' without horrible chemical pesticides.

Our qualifications?
Well none actually. Amanda was a photographer and writer (and still works as a music photographer in her spare time), Gill worked as the manager of a large London branch of Body Shop and Lillan was an aromatherapist.

What we had in common?
We were all mums of daughters who were constantly riddled with head lice.

Why did we start Nitty Gritty?
Because when our three daughters constantly came home from school with head lice, we bought every single gadget, gimmick, potion and lotion that we could findů and nothing worked.

The Nitty Gritty Mums

Many products did far more harm than good, in fact. Like many parents, we put strong chemical pesticides on our children that we would never have put on our daffodils.

We got sick and tired of our little girls going to bed in tears, with their eyes stinging, their hair pulled out - and still with nits, eggs and live head lice in their hair.

Which is why our products rely on advanced high-tech design and good old common sense instead of horrible chemical pesticides.

Unlike anything else you can buy, the Nitty Gritty range gets the whole job done quickly and easily.

How many get everything out - not just head lice, but unsightly nits and 'live' unhatched eggs too? Just ours.

How many head lice products come with a no-quibbles Lifetime Guarantee of Satisfaction? Just ours.

Because every family, and every child - not just ours - deserves to live free of the misery of head louse infestation.

Free of the bullying, exclusion and shame that goes along with it.
Free of the chemicals, and the false claims.
And the desperation of buying 'remedies' that just don't work over and over again.

We only use safe, proven natural ingredients. We never make misleading claims about our products. And if you are ever less than delighted with how a Nitty Gritty product performs, for any reason at all, we will always offer you either a full refund of your purchase price, or a brand new replacement - your choice, of course.

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