Our Guarantee

It's this simple.

The Nitty Gritty mums will always offer you either a full refund of your purchase price, or a brand new replacement - your choice, of course - if you are ever, at any time, less than delighted with the way your Nitty Gritty product performs.

No time limit. No small print. No get-out clause.

Because if you're happy, then we're happy. And if there is any way that we can improve our products, our customer service, even our instructions, we would like you to tell us about it.

The head lice 'racket' is full of companies who make products which they know don't work, and which they know can be unpleasant for children. But because desperate stressed-out families buy their stuff again and again and again (it doesn't kill the eggs, so you have to buy another bottle…) they make potloads of cash and they've got millions of pounds to spend on advertising. Our Nitty Gritty comb removes the eggs AND lasts a lifetime.

We are a tiny company, and most of our customers found us only after they had tried every other gadget, gimmick and 'slop in a bottle' brand there is. That's why our Guarantee matters so much.

Because it's one of the ways we can show you that we really are different from - and so much better than - anything else you can buy.

If for any reason you want to return a product please send with correct postage, (or it might not reach us) and with packaging and receipt (where possible) to

Oakwood Remedies
20 Baseline Business Studios
Whitchurch Rd
W11 4AT

Remember to state if you would prefer a refund or a replacement and don't forget to include your own name and address.

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