Our comb has won multiple awards and has had celebrities and journalists singing its praise over and over again. The Guardian called it the 'Rolls-Royce of nit combs', The Daily Telegraph called it a ‘miracle comb’ when it won their special Family Friendly Award, The Times newspaper named it as one of their 'Top Five Quick Fixes For Family Emergencies', the UK’s leading parenting website Mumsnet named it as ‘The Best Nit Comb’ and it was voted no1 nit comb in a consumer survey by Which? magazine, as well as being recommended on ITV's This Morning, Lorraine and Loose Women.

Celebrities across the world have used our comb, from Hollywood A listers to Royalty. We particularly loved when Jonathan Ross raved about our comb on his BBC Radio 2 show when he found out that his guest Emma Thompson had been battling the bugs. ‘Get the Nitty Gritty comb with the twiddly bits,’ he urged her. ‘It’s fantastic!’.

'Have you got the Nitty Gritty Comb, with the long bits, with the twiddly bits? That's the best comb. You've got to get the Nitty Gritty comb. I'll draw it for you and you can get it on the way home. It's fantastic.'
Jonathan Ross talking with Emma Thompson
BBC Radio 2
Hear it for yourself

I just can't get by without Nitty Gritty... it's a natural headlice treatment which Angela and I use on the kids. Nits are a big problem these days.
Jason Donovan
Daily Mail (Health Matters)

Here are just some of the letters and emails that we receive from happy Nitty Gritty customers every week.
Reproduced with their permission.

Never felt the need so strongly to go onto a website and voice my opinion before, but after tearing my hair out with my 7 year old daughter and a head full of sticky eggs and after trying other combs and lotions that didn't work, I'd resorted to hand picking out each egg with my nails, till I bought the Nitty Gritty Comb!!!
I can't believe I could get so excited over a tiny comb, but this is a GOD SEND!
Thank you so so much, this really does work and for £10 - I'd pay £100 for one!!!!
Nicky Taylor

I can't sing your praises highly enough! The nitty gritty comb is fantastic. We've had our first dose of headlice in my 7 and 3 year old and after one thorough comb through with the nitty gritty I haven't found a single louse since - brilliant. It takes away the pain-in-the-neck of headlice. Thank you. I am recommending you to everyone.
Yours sincerely
Kate Shannon

I would just like to give praise to the 3 best ladies in the world! Myself like many mums, struggle with the daily grind of the fight with head lice and today I was no different until I bit the bullet an spent £10 on a Nitty Gritty Comb, after going through many lotions and potions, that are soooo over priced (and never work). I have to say I am absolutely amazed, and over the moon would not be enough to describe my satisfaction with your ingenious product and I am gutted that I did not purchase this sooner! I have used on my 9yr old son who has been bringing these horrid things home since he was in nursery. Thinking he only had a couple of live lice I was shocked to see about 30!!! (this includes the tiny ones as you promise) then as I continued, it took out an average 100 live eggs - UNBELIEVABLE and AMAZING. Then my 2 yrs old twins went under the comb and I found lice and live eggs and I never even knew they had anything in their hair. I will be recommending this to absolutely everyone that I meet. Many regards and a world of gratitude
Nicky Richards

I am going to write a note to our school recommending your comb as the only comb that actually removes the live eggs......
Dear Nitty Gritty Mums
I just had to write a quick note of huge thanks to you wonderful people...
Having just gone through a month of nits with my 7 year old daughter, best friends not being available to play etc etc.... trying to treat the critters with every possible method I could find, A friend of a friend recommended your Nit free comb... I used it last night and after 45 minutes had removed about a 100 pesky live eggs from my daughters hair...
I cannot tell you how excited I was as I saw these sticky critters slowly but surely removed.... I am going to write a note to our school recommending your comb as the only comb that actually removes the live eggs.... in hope this may help to stop the inevitable spread of more lice around the classrooms. If we do get them again, I am so relieved that we have a fail safe and stress free solution and my darling little girl can be nit free again quickly.
With many many thanks and kindest wishes
Keeley Marshall, mother of Grace 7 and Archie 10.

I will be recommending your product to anyone that will listen and particularly parents of the children I teach.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I've just discovered the Nitty Gritty Nitfree Comb and it's the best nit product around. I've been struggling for months trying to rid my 6 year old daughter of head lice that had then been passed onto my toddler and myself. I'm a teacher and have tried everything I could think of to try and rid her of the dreaded lice but nothing seemed to work until now. This product has stopped a great deal of distress (daughter) and stress! (myself) I will be recommending your product to anyone that will listen and particularly parents of the children I teach.
Many thanks
Rachel Seymour

As far as I am concerned the Nitty Gritty Comb is THE only nit comb. The rest are simply useless in comparison. The Nitty Gritty takes away the fear and dread of head lice because getting rid of nits and lice is a 15 minuite job with the Nitty Gritty Comb rather then a 15 day or week job. Everybody should have one of these. I just cannot stop singing its praises, I have it for life, I don't need a spare and no more fear of lice if the child gets them. No big deal, whereas before it was a major trauma to the family for weeks!! So I want to thank you for bringing us this fantastic product; it’s literally the best thing since sliced bread.
Linda Treacy

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! This is the best product I have EVER bought in my life!!!! I came across it by chance in Boots and got it on a whim... How delighted I am that I did!!! :- I truly think your comb is amazing and am glad to be an "un-official" ambassador for you.
Bev Watkiss

The best £10 I have spent in a long time I've just used the Nitty Gritty comb for the first time and it has to be the best £10 I have spent in a long time. I have been trying for weeks to get rid of my daughter's head lice.. spending about £50 in the process!! The Nitty Gritty comb got rid of all the eggs which I found impossible to get out before. Thanks for coming up with such an effective comb at last.
Zoe Owen

A heartfelt thanks I would just like to say a big thank you for saving my sanity. I have been in head-lice hell for the last year, and really thought I'd have to resort to shaving my daughter's hair off as she was infested constantly I am going to contact her school and ask that your comb is mentioned on the next school letter. It's an amazing product and the thought that now I can keep on top of my daughters hair is brilliant. A heartfelt thanks.
Joanne Nutt

What a fantastic nit comb Hiya i just want to say what a fantastic nit comb the Nitty Gritty is. I was recommended it by a friend and I love it I don't even buy the solutions anymore as I don't need to as the comb does it all. Fantastic.
Cheryl King

A big THANK YOU!! Hi, First of all please let me start off by saying a big THANK YOU!! to the mums who came up with the wonderful Nitty Gritty products they really DO work! So thank you so much for making my life easier. I checked my oldest son with a smaller nit comb and spent a good 20 minutes checking and I could see nothing at all so just to be on the safe side I decided to put on the solution and comb it through with the Nitty Gritty comb and thank god I did as I got 5 big lice out and hundreds of eggs! Nitty Gritty Solution and NitFree comb have done exactly what they promised Just to let you know the Nitty Gritty Solution and NitFree comb have done exactly what they promised and my kids are nit and lice free from just one application!
Jennifer Young

I would just like to say what a great product !!!!!!!!!!! you are a god send. I have two young girls with long hair and it was horrible with these blighters (can't say that i will have any problems now) if it wasn't the lice it was the horrible nits after it look like my daughter had sugar thrown in her hair they are all gone.... you're wicked.
Thanks from Rachel Hall and her two grateful daughters

Thank you so much for a fantastic invention Hi there, Having spent 5 days nit combing with a plastic comb - thought I was doing a good job until I pushed the boat out & bought the Nitty Gritty comb - it really is the ROLLS ROYCE of all nit combs.... Thank you so much for a fantastic invention, I realise that all those days spent combing with a plastic comb were wasted. I shall shout about your product from the rooftops!
Jessica Harrod

Thank you for creating a product that actually works I felt I had to e-mail you to say thank you for creating a product that actually works. I used your comb for the first time yesterday and was amazed with the results. Trust three mums to come up with something that does what it says on the packaging. Thank you once again.
Lisa Neilson

We received an email from Karen Clark today which said:
“Thank you for changing my life! I have written a blog post about
Nitty Gritty”.
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